The Firm

Our credibility has been earned through consistent performance, strict risk controls, and the complete alignment of interest between partners and clients.

Vista Capital was founded in 2014 with R$30 million under management and was built from the ground up through the resilience of its partners who are passionate about research and asset management.

The trust that we have generated has allowed us to grow to more than R$ 4 billion.

The partnerships with our clients are thoughtfully built on transparency, always keeping in mind that client management is as significant as investment management to reach successful results.

The credibility earned is a result of consistent performance, strict risk controls, and strong governance policies.

The funds managed by Vista hold a distinguished position in their respective industries. The results are a consequence of our management method that has been able to take advantage of the good times and control for losses during turbulent events and periods.

In our team, we defend diversity of thought because it is crucial for our ability to think innovatively. Economists, engineers, lawyers, consultants, mathematicians. Macroeconomists and equity analysts. Top down strategists and bottom up investors. It is our competitive advantage to keep our workplace truly transparent and engaging, where the best ideas win.

Our risk controls are rigorous, tested in multiple scenarios and have proven to be functional and trustworthy. Our main goal is to avoid permanent loss of capital and we do not worry about short-term fluctuations in price or our funds’ shares.

At Vista, partners and clients share complete alignment of interests.  Our personal assets and our family’s assets are invested in the same funds as our clients and represent an expressive share of the total assets under management.

We do for our clients exactly as we do for ourselves. A policy of efficient alignment so that everyone is always paying attention to the best opportunities and aware of the risks being incurred.

We are confident that the combination of aligned investors, motivation and retention of the best human capital in the business, and strong governance will allow us to continue to deliver expressive results to our clients.

The Team

Head of Equities Strategy

João Eduardo Lopes

Lopes started his career in 2004 at Angra Partners as part of the investment team responsible for the exit strategy for the projects II-FIP in Santos Brasil, Brasil Telecom, and the subway project in Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, Lopes joined Leblon Equities as an Equity Research analyst. After returning from his MBA in 2014, he founded Vista Capital. B.A. in Economics from PUC/RJ and MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Wharton Business School.
Head of Macro Strategy

João Landau

Landau started his career in 2004 at AAA Asset Management. In 2005, he worked at BTG Pactual in the Backoffice and Equity Research area, focused in Oil & Gas. In 2008, Landau joined Paineras Investimentos, where he became Partner and Macro Portfolio manager for 6 years until he left to found Vista Capital in 2014. B.A. in Economics from PUC/RJ.
CEO & Equity Research Analyst

Luiz Guilherme Gama

Gama started in 2012 as the law office Direito Ferro, Castro Neves, Daltro, and Gomide Advogados. That same year he joined Vinci Partners, where he worked in the Law Department and as a Credit Analyst. J.D. from PUC/RJ and extension in Finances from COPPEAD-UFRJ.

Persio Arida

Chief Economist

Alexandre Maia

Maia started his career in 1999 at Unibanco Asset Management working in macroeconomic research. Between 2002 and 2014, he was Chief Economist and Partner at Gap Asset Management, the same position he later held at Kyros Investimentos from 2014 to 2015. Before joining Vista as Chief Economist, Maia was Senior Economist at Gávea Investimentos between 2015 and 2020. M.A. in Economics from EPGE-FGV/RJ.

Manoel Savastano

Savastano started his career in 2004 working in the Credit Backoffice at Banco BVA. In 2005, Savastano joined Fiducia Asset Management as Middle Office Analyst. Between 2006 and 2009, he worked at Banco BBM and BBM Investimentos as Product Analyst and Middle Office Coordinator. In 2010, Savastano became part of the Operations teams at Brookfield Financial until 2014, when he became Controller and head of Risk and Compliance at Vista Capital. B.S. in Engineering from PUC/RJ.
Investor Relations

Rodrigo Faveret

Faveret started his career in 2011 and Banco BTG Pactual, where he worked in the Operations department. In 2013, he joined the Equities Portfolio Management team at SPX Capital. From 2015 to 2018, he worked as Investor Relations Analyst at ATG. In 2018, Faveret joined Vista Capital as head of Investor Relations. B.A. in Economics from IBMEC/RJ.
Portfolio Manager

Arthur Braga

Braga started his career in 2006 at UBS in London working in the Emerging Market Equity Derivatives trading desk. In 2007, he joined Barclays Capital still in London as Trader in the Structured Products desk, covering Exotic Equity Derivatives & Fund Derivatives focused in the European market. In 2011, Braga joined Goldman Sachs in New York as Trader and proprietary market-marker in Emerging Markets Equity Derivatives.
In 2013, he was transferred to Goldman Sachs' São Paulo office to develop the local business in Equity Derivatives. In 2006, Braga joined Stone Ridge Asset Management in NY, an asset manager specialized in Reinsurance, Alternative Lending and Volatility, as Trader and Portfolio Manager. B.S. in Control and Automation Engineering from PUC/RJ, with a joint degree from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Toulouse, France.
Portfolio Manager

Eduardo Baczynski, CFA

Baczynski started his career in 2007 as an Economist at BNY Mellon Global Investments. In 2008, he joined the team at Platine Investimentos as Senior Economist. Between 2010 and 2017 he was part of the Polo Capital team as partner and Portfolio Manager. After this, he worked at ARX Investimentos, where he was also Portfolio Manager. Baczynski joined Vista Capital in 2019 as Macro Portfolio Manager. B.A. in Economics from PUC/RJ.
Portfolio Manager

Kaio Sartori

Sartori started his career in 2012 at Pacífico Gestão, where he worked in Risk. Later, he joined the GAP Asset team where he was the Fixed Income and Currencies Portfolio Manager for 5 years until he started at Vista Capital in 2017 as Macro Portfolio Manager. B.A. in Economics from IBMEC/RJ.
Equity Research Analyst

Victor Borba

Borba started his career in BroadSpan Capital LLC in 2009. In 2010, he joined the Equity Research team at Paineiras Investimentos. From 2011 to 2015, Borba was an analyst at Pacífico Gestão. After his MBA, Borba worked with venture capital at Carta in New York, before joining Vista Capital in 2019 as Equity Research Analyst. B.S. in Engineering from PUC/RJ and MBA from INSEAD.
Equity Research Analyst

Bernardo Schoichet, CFA

Schoichet started his career in 2015 at Turim Family Office & Investment Management working in Onshore Control. Joined Vista Capital in 2016 as an Equity Research Analyst. B.S. in Engineering from PUC/RJ.
Macro Research Analyst

Lucas Valente

Valente started his career at Banco BBM in 2016 as part of the area Quantitative Credit Analysis. In 2017, Valente joined the Middle Office at Vinci Partners before becoming Macro Research Analyst at Vista that same year. B.S. in Engineering from PUC/RJ.
Equity Research Analyst

Miguel Galvão

Galvão began his career at Leblon Equities in 2009, where he stayed until 2015 as Partner, working with Equity Research and Private Equity. Between 2015 and 2016 he helped build a business in the retail sector before returning to Finance industry in 2017 at Bozano Investimentos as Equity Research Analyst. Galvão later joined STK Capital as partner and Equity Research until he started at Vista Capital in 2020. B.A. in Economics from IBMEC-RJ.
Equity Research Analyst

Bernardo Valle, CFA

Valle started his career in 2007 at BGC Liquidez. From 2008 to 2014 he worked in different areas at BTG, with his last years in sell-side. Between 2014 and 2017, he was a LatAm Analyst and Portfolio Manager at SPX and between 2017 and 2020 he was Partner and LatAm Porfolio Manager at Truxt. Valle joined Vista Capital in 2018. B.A. in Economics from UFRJ.

Lucas Lima

Lima started his career in 2017 at Kronos Asset Management, where he worked in Risk Management. In 2018, he worked as Middle Office Analyst at Mongeral Aegon Investimentos. That same year, Lima joined Vista’s Backoffice team. B.S. in Mathematics from FGV/RJ.

Eduardo Brito

Brito joined Vista Capital in 2018. B.S. in Engineering from PUC/RJ.
Equity Research Analyst

Deborah Margulies

Margulies started her career in 2017 at Pacífico Gestão, where she worked in Risk and Operations. Margulies joined Vista Capital in 2018. B.A. in Economics from PUC/RJ.
Investor Relations

Natalia Levy

Levy started her career at Itaú Asset Management, later joing the Operations team at Rappi. In 2019, she worked at Citigroup in Treasury & Trade Solutions before joining the Investor Relations team at Vista in 2020. B.A. in Economics from UCLA.

Daniel Portes, CFA

Portes started his career in 2016 working in Risk in Ático Asset Management. In 2017, he joined the team at Banco BTG Pactual, where he worked in Offshore Operations and Finance. Portes joined Vista Capital in 2020. B.A. in Economics from FGV/RJ.
Macro Research Analyst

Raphael Ludwig

Ludwig started his career at Vista Capital in 2020 joining the Economic Research team. M.A. in Economics from PUC/RJ.

Pedro Szyszka

Szyszka started his career in 2013 working in the oil and gas industry at Kongsberg Oil and Gas Technologies. He transitioned to the financial industry in 2018, joining FLAG asset (current Novus Capital) as part of the Operations and Risk team, participating in the fusion of the asset manager. In 2019, he became Head of Operations at Blueline Asset Management, with the responsibility to help structure the Backoffice area. In 2021, he joined Vista Capital as Operations Coordinator. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UFRJ and M.S. in Economics and Corporate Finance from FGV-EPGE.
Equity Research Analyst

João Marcos Barbosa

Barbosa started his career in 2018 as a strategy consultant at Mirow & Co. In 2021, he joined Vista Capital. B.S. in Engineering from IME and extension in Finances from COPPEAD-UFRJ.

Gabriel Monteiro

Monteiro started his career in 2019 as a Data Analyst at GGP Family Office. He joined Vista in 2020. B.S. in Engineering from CEFET/RJ.

Rafael Barsotti

Barsotti started his career in 2017 in Data Science at Vale. He joined Vista Capital in 2020. B.S. in Mathematics from FGV/RJ.

Lívia Rodrigues

Rodrigues started her career working in Data Analysis at Banco do Brasil in 2013. She was a Risk Analyst at FAPES in 2016 and at PETROS in 2018. In 2021, Rodrigues joined Vista Capital. M.S. in Electrical Engineering from PUC/RJ.

Henrique Videira

Videira joined Vista Capital in 2020. Economics student at EPGE-FGV/RJ.

Vitor Peixoto

Peixoto started his career working in Risk at Canepa Asset Brazil. In 2020, he joined the Operations team at Gávea Investimentos. That same year, Peixoto joined Vista Capital. Engineering student at CEFET/RJ.

This institution adhered to the ANBIMA code of Regulation and Best Practices for investment funds.

The information contained in this Website is provided for informational purposes only, and do not imply share distribution. Vista Capital does not sell or distribute share in investment funds or any other financial asset. Investment funds do not have the guarantee of the administrador, the portfolio manager, any insurance mechanism or, even, the credit guarantee fund – FGC. Past profitability is no guarantee of future profitability. To assess the performance of investment funds, an analysis of a period of at least 12 (twelve) months is recommended. Investors are advised to read the investment funds’ prospectus and regulations carefully when investing their funds. These funds use derivative strategies as an integral part of their investment policy; such strategies, as adopted, may result in significant equity losses for its shareholders, and may even result in losses greater than the capital invested and the consequent obligation of the shareholder to provide additional resources to cover the loss of the funds.